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Monday, December 12, 2011

Will Eisner's The Spirit #32

Will Eisner's The Spirit #32 (December 1981) [Kitchen Sink Comix]

At your local comic shop today in 1981 you might have found this magazine on the shelf, if you had good retailer.  From information in side this issue, Kitchen Sink was selling about 16,500 copies of each issue.  About 500 were mail subscriptions.  There were about 700 comic shops and another 2,000 stores that carried a full line of comics in 1981 (Comic Scene #7). You wouldn't have found this magazine on too many newsstands.

If you have any interest in the craft and art of comics, you can never go wrong picking up an issue of this series.  This issue has four Spirit stories:

4 pages from Eisner's Essays On Comic Art (which would eventually become part of his books):

 12 pages from Eisner's New York: The Big City GN:

and Adolf Hitler.  What more could you ask for?

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