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Monday, December 19, 2011

Diamond Dateline Dec. 17, 1992

Today's publication came out this week from Diamond Comics Distributors to their retail accounts.  This 4 page, slick weekly publication gave retailers the latest information on products they ordered and other industry news before the internet was well established.  This issue has the latest on multiple printings of the Death Of Superman storyline and Image leaving Malibu.

 Slid in between these 4 pages was additional information sheets.   A 2 page Star System list of TPBs, books, videos, and games that Diamond kept in stock to supply retailers on short notice. (Quite a bit smaller than today.)

A returns list for late shipping product and an Advance Reorder list for books that hadn't shipped yet, but on which retailers could increase their order.

A Previews promotional slick that retailers could copy and give to their customers to sell more copies of the Diamond catalog, and a 6 page list of everything that shipped this week.  I've only included the first page.

Also included were 2 items that were only included to the Hayward CA distribution center accounts, Diamond Discussions and a flyer about Christmas hours.  Local information mainly. 

This batch of papers was pretty typical for this weekly newsletter, though many times it also contained promotional posters, cards, or flyers from the publishers that retailers could post in their stores or learn about products.  This went out to about 4,000 Diamond accounts, which was only a portion of all the retail stores in North America in 1992.

Probably more than you ever wanted to know about what a comic store got each week.

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