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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Star Spangled War Stories #41

Star Spangled War Stories #41 (Jan. 1956) [National Comics]

This comic arrived at the newsstand or drug store this week as we know from the barely readable date stamped on the cover.  Retailers would stamp or hand write the date on one cover of a stack of comic books or magazines so they would know when to remove that issue and replace it with another newer mag.  More on this in another post.

This Irv Novick cover is unusual as it shows a scene as if the viewer were part of the image.  Not your typical comic book or magazine cover.  What is even better is that the entire 8 page story, "A Gunner's Hands", is presented mostly from this view point.  You never actually ever see the main character's face.  It is also unusual to have a pair of baby shoes featured so prominently.

The Robert Kanigher scripted, Irv Novick drawn story is so different, that I'm just going to give you the whole story.

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