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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Association of Comic Magazine Publishers (ACMP)

The Association of Comics Magazine Publishers (ACMP) was the first attempt in the US to self-police the comic book industry.  Yesterday in 1948, they outlined 7 more objectives to help clean up comic books.  These were in addition to the Code adopted earlier in July of 1948.
Note that President Keenan only claimed to represent 40% of the comics industry.  The publishers that agreed to follow the code were:

  • Ace Magazines
  • Avon Periodicals, Inc.
  • Consolidated Magazines, Inc.
  • EC Comics (1948)
  • Famous Funnies, Inc.
  • The Golden Willow Press.
  • Hillman Periodicals, Inc.
  • Lev Gleason Publications, Inc.
  • McCombs Publications, Inc.
  • Orbit Publications, Inc.
  • Parents' Institute, Inc.
  • Premium Service Co.
  • Superior Comics
  • Timely/Atlas Comics
That leaves 20 publishers who did not agree to the code.  Note the absence of Dell Comics, the largest comics publisher.   Here is the announcement of the code from July 2:

Looking back, it is obvious why this effort failed.  Not enough support from the publishers and onerous ideas as they were aiming to eliminate fanciful stories.  No superheroes or science fiction.  The ACMP seems to have lasted until at least 1954 as they had testimony at the 1954 Senate Interim Report on Comic Books and Juvenile Delinquency.   At that time, they had only 3 publishers.

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