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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Comics' Buyer's Guide #733

Today we have the December 4, 1987 issue of the Comics' Buyer's Guide, #733.  The lead story is about Don Martin's acrimonious exit from Mad Magazine.  The other cover story is about 3 Marvel titles (Uncanny X-Men, Amazing Spider-Man, and G.I. Joe) going bi-weekly for the summer months of June thru August.   These stories are concluded on page three which I've included below so you can read the whole story.

This issue is only dated today, but really came out a couple of weeks earlier.  They are just following the lead set by comic books themselves. 

The actual first page of the newspaper has a story about the 1988 Marvel Annuals being part of a larger connected storyline.  This turned out to be the Evolutionary War crossover.  And the first of 5 years of similar crossover events in Marvel Annuals.

Also there is story about a 3,500 Golden Age comic book collection on page 1.  They were supposed to be in very nice condition, but I don't remember it ever getting a name like some famous collections discovered before.  But I could be wrong as I'm not a Golden Age collector.

Page three concludes the articles from the cover and previews MICRA #6 from Comics InterviewMICRA only lasted one more issue (#7) that came out in the spring of 1988.  Though there was a graphic novel which I think reprinted #1-3.

One other interesting article in the issue was about the Playboy Channel showing a feature on Japanese manga on the May edition of Sexcetera: The News According To Playboy.  It of course focused on erotic comics, but also discussed the differences between our two societies.

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