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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Feinberg proposes bill to regulate comic books

It was reported today in 1949, that New York State Senator Benjamin F. Feinberg proposed a bill to regulate the sale and distribution of comic books.

Schenectady NY Gazette, January 14, 1949

This bill was passed by both the state House and Senate, but vetoed in April by NY Governor Thomas E. Dewey as "vague and indefinite".

Feinberg also sponsored the Feinberg Bill to purge communist teachers from NY public schools this year.


Now in 2012, the United States House and Senate are attempting to censor the internet with two bills under consideration, SOPA & PIPA.  Though the goal of their efforts is to stop online piracy, these bills are seriously flawed.  They might even block web sites like this one from posting copyrighted material.

To find out more, read this Forbes article:


or video:


Help stop this legislation by protesting SOPA/PIPA this Wed. Jan 18 by censoring your own blog/web site and telling others. 

Visit http://americancensorship.org/ for more you can do.

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