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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cuban Crack Down On Comics

An AP wire story today in 1967 tells about a possible crack down on old comic books and "sex-and-sin" paperbacks in Cuba.  This is the only article I've seen on this and have not been able to find out if a crack down actually happened.

The Charleston SC News And Courier, January 5, 1967, pg 3A

Now what it really seems to be about is a crack down on used book and magazine dealers, but it is interesting that this newspaper highlights comic books with the headline.  I guess it shows the low esteem comic books still held.

I don't know much about Mexican comics, but I assume that when they say American comics "translated into Spanish in Mexico City years ago", they are referring to issues like these:
Batman #1 (1º de febrero de 1954)

Pepita #1 (Marzo de 1953)

Marinos en Acción #44 ([circa 1959])

El Despertar del Mundo #48 (Mayo 31 de 1959)

Thanks to the Grand Comic-book Database for these cover scans, as usual.

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