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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Comic Books Collecting Big Business

In the Miami News today in 1973, they printed a story about the rising prices of old comic books.

Miami News, January 3, 1973, pg 6B

This article had run in the New York Times on January 1st, under the title "Comic Books Can Prove SuperInvestment".  It also ran in the Meriden Conn. Morning Record on Jan. 5,  the Anchorage Daily News on Jan. 7th and probably others.  The Morning Record article titled "Holy Cow, Batman, Comics Are In Great Demand ..." also included the following picture.

Don't you just love the legacy of the Batman TV show?  You can still occasionally see inane headlines like these even today.

Ed Summer of Supersnipe says he has 600 copies of the first Shazam issue and ordered 2,000 more.  He's "stockpiling for the future".    Bet he still has copies if you want any.  This was one of the early comic shop speculation issues where retailers bought copies so that they could sell them later at higher than cover price.


  1. Shazam was never a part of the DM on any level. I can explain if you like. It came out Dec 1972. Shazam #1 was the first comic book which ended up mostly in the hands of comic book speculators. I was "there" at the time. -:)

    First DC DM book was Sandman #1 by Simon & Kirby like a year later

    I know Ed Summer - he has no comics left, though what he did summer of 1973 at Seuling's NYC Kuly 4th show was one of the direct paths to the origins of the DM re Seuling and Sol Harrison cutting the first DM deal

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  3. Bob, you are correct. That's what I get for typing on the fly. I've corrected it.

    So would you call Ed a speculator?