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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Clean Up By Comics Czar Fallout 2

After my series of posts on the beginning use of the comics code seal, researcher extraordinaire Frank Motler, sent me these scans of a short comic book given out by DC that I had never seen.   I don't know when this actually came out, but it was probably a little later in the year 1955.   I don't think many others will have heard of it, so I'm posting scans now to tie in with my earlier posts.

What Do You Know About This Comics Seal of Approval,  front cover (1955) [National Comics Publications]

This four page comic stars your local newsdealer and includes our buddy Judge Charles F. Murphy, explaining The Comic Code Authority and how it works.  The booklet, drawn by Win Mortimer, is DC's attempt to head off further attacks and to show that they are cleaning up comics.

What Do You Know About This Comics Seal of Approval,  back cover (1955) [National Comics Publications]

These scans come from the Heritage Auction site where it sold for $1,265.00 in 2005.

Were you wondering about which issues were partially shown on the page one scan?  Well, Frank also sent along that information too.

From the top (note/ colors different from actual issues):

Our Army at War #33, Apr (shown twice, also bottom left edge; note/ 2nd CCA issue)
A Date With Judy  #46, Apr/May
Strange Adventures #55, Apr
Real Screen Comics #85, Apr (note/ 2nd CCA issue)
Adventures of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis #20, Apr

Also interesting to note that the cover images in this comic were probably mock ups or pre-final versions.   Compare the actual covers from the GCD below with those cover images.  Real Screen Comics is missing the donkey head, and the code seal placement is slightly different than the final printed comic books.

The seal is larger in the final versions of both Strange Adventures and Adventures of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis.

And, Judy's profile is missing from the logo in A Date With Judy.

And finally Our Army at War which is used in two places.

Anyone recognize the logo from the red cover comic book image?  That was one Frank didn't identify.  Doesn't appear to be any DC comic of the time.  May just be a fake for artistic reasons.

Thanks again Frank.


Oh yea, I forgot to mention the write up I got in the Springfield News & Sun a couple of weeks ago.  Where I spent most of my time growing up and where I went to college.


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