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Friday, November 25, 2011

In The Comic Shop Today in 1992

Archer & Armstrong #7 (Feb. 1992) - Valiant [Voyager Communications]

This comic appeared this week in your comic book store in 1992.  "Scowling" Jim Cowling posted the New Releases: November 25-27 1992 list on rec.arts.comics.info on Usenet.  Back in the early days of the Internet.

It was one of the great buddy comics of the 1990s.  Back in the early years of Valiant when they had a cohesive universe, great stories and great art.  The two get into a brawl when they stop at a mansion to ask to use the phone because their car ran out of gas.  Armstrong (the big guy) fights through most of the issue while Archer writes in his journal.

Even though this issue had guest penciler Art Nichols on the inside, Barry Windsor-Smith did the nice cover and wrote the story.

Go visit the excellent Valiant fan site, http://www.valiantfan.com/valiant.asp, for more.

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